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A. C. O. R. N.

    u   f   o  u

     l       w  t

     t        d  t

     u       y   i

      r            n

      e            e



Whole lotta nut'n going on


       is rooted in                    Asheville, NC.

    soon to sprout

  up near you.          

The Acornucopia Project's mission is to develop perennial based agriculture as an  economically viable, environmentally beneficial, and socially dignified human endeavor. Regional hubs of worker owned cooperatives will increase the demand for highly nutritious tree products incentifying farmers and landowners to transition their pastures and croplands into native tree orchards, bringing balance to our checkbooks, our environment, and our diets,

As a landowner you cast an influential vote on the state of our environment. We are looking for land owners who want to partner with this ground breaking project. Please click here 3 times and say, "There is no place like home."


Acornox weekend Sept 21st and 22nd

Harrisonburg, Va

Check out the details:





This will be a comprehensive weekend showcasing the latest developments Acornucopia has made making native nuts more accessible.  Saturday there will be a foraging demo and nut ID and discussion about the value of the many varieties of nuts and what they a can be utilized for. We will then head to teh kitchen and earn about all the amazing foods that can be makde from these nuts in preparation for a "treezza" (Pizza made with tree based ingredients). On Sunday we will discuss the progression of developing a nut processing facility in your own community.

November 9th Guilford College in Greensboro, NC hosts a workshop and nuts dinner in conjunction with Sylvan Canopy travelling food pantry.

Concentricity- Acornucopia is finding overlap with many artisans. Samples of oils, nuts, flour and by products are being given out to innovative chefs, bakers, skin care alchemists, brewers, miso makers, vegan cheese dervishes,  horticulturalists, chemists, tea blenders, tinkerers, and engineers. Collaboratively we, like good food, are more than the sum of our ingredients. 

If you are kindred in your pursuit of a world that is completely nuts. I invite you to browse through the website. Find out how to get involved in this ground shaking project . We will need foragers for the 2018 season, and visionary landowners indefinitely. The A.P. is an all inclusive endeavor and there is something here for everyone. Please sign up for our newsletter.