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A. C. O. R. N.

    u   f   o  u

     l       w  t

     t        d  t

     u       y   i

      r            n

      e            e



Whole lotta nut'n going on


       is rooted in                    Asheville, NC.

    soon to sprout

  up near you.          


This week a donkey showed up to check the progress at Nut'Inn as we were getting ready for the Confloogeration. We have named the event Donkey floog in his honor.


Spring Donkey Conflooence Happening March 24th-26th
@ W.T.Farm? In S.E. West Virginia “...figuring out where our piece fits in puzzling times”

It’s time for the 1 year anniversary of the first conflooence. This event is a skill and experience sharing set in the context of a 35 year old fruit and nut farm in rural Southeast West Virginia. The “Open Space” process determines the content of the weekend, where we all suggest what we want to learn and share, and then create the schedule for the weekend together. Everyone will be sharing in the making of food and tending to services related to the event. There is no monetary cost to participate, but it is expected that all participants contribute 8 hours worktrade towards improving the orchards, garden beds or house infrastructure.


Conflooence vs Conference?

The idea of confloogerating is to gather people on a peer level who wish to share their experiences collectively by learning from one another. Each confloogeration is a trust in the Great Mystery uniquely designed by those who auspiciously show up. Experts and headliners are not needed in a world where we've learned to value what we as individuals have to contribute, step up, and self-govern. The circle welcomes and creates an opportunity to find place, peace, and purpose. This weekend is focused on, but not exclusive to, raising, processing, and eating real food, healing, and creativity. Any enhancement of life, love, and longevity is welcome.

Virtuality is a translation and the important things are lost in translation

In these puzzling times we are pieces scattered trying to find where we fit. It's important to gather with others in the physical world to support and be supported. Living close to the land, touching the soil that grows our food, laughing, playing, creating, working with other people revitalizes us as Humans. It is with others that we can see where our piece actually fits in a puzzle of our own mutual creation.


Venue: W.T.Farm? In Union, WV
The Nut’Inn has plenty of outdoor camping and some indoor sleeping arrangements and now it has a sauna too!

Arrival: Thursday evening is encouraged as the event begins Friday morning, however, later arrival is also welcome.

Food: RSVP in advance to ensure the kitchen has enough delicious food prepared to share with you and your friends! Communal meals will be conjured up in conflooence style. Bring your favorite foods, medicines, songs, and gifts to share. Coffee, teas, fats, proteins and snacks are always appreciated to fuel our confloogerating hearts and minds.

This is an intimate family-friendly event with limited attendance space.
It is requested that there be no drug use. Homemade fermentations are always welcome.

RSVP, Questions, and farm address at:

If you are kindred in your pursuit of a world that is completely nuts. I invite you to browse through the website. Find out how to get involved in this ground shaking project . We can always use help sorting nuts and check with us about foraging in the upcoming season. The A.P. is an all inclusive endeavor and there is something here for everyone. Please sign up for our newsletter.

Thanks! Message sent.

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