Nuts & Bolts

If you would like to introduce your community to the technical nuts and bolts of  native nuts please contact us to schedule an inspirational program or training workshop for your school, 4H, Boy and girl Scouts, and youth church groups, or invite Circus Quercus to come to your community and help initiate a Tree Crop Coop. Let's work together to create an abundant world.

Note: With a national deficit of over 20 trillion dollars, the American dollar is backed only by  debt. So my financial advice to you is unload your dollars as soon as you can because who knows when someone, some day, may come collecting. Speaking of "collecting", nuts are a hard currency that are an honest wealth.

Instead of there not being jobs, there will be nut jobs-

Let us shift from a culture that is half nuts to one that has gone completely Nuts!  Let's work together with nature by starting to harness the regenerative resources of our native nut trees in our back yards, commons and woods. After proving the economic viability and social relevance of native nuts, public demand will incentify landowners to augment their agricultural fields with low maintenance native species orchards and enhance the productivity of their grasslands. This will create biodiversity, sequester water, remineralize soils and subsequently our food. Each tree will pull one ton of carbon out of the air during its lifetime.

The economic model of the Acornucopia Project aspires to reflect the trees that support it- generous, regenerative, and self replicating. New economic models have arisen from internet technology, but we also will need new social structures to guide these technologies for the benefit all mankind. The largest taxi company in the world doesnt own one vehicle, nor does the largest hotel chain own a single hotel. What if the World's largest global agricultural conglomerate was a worker owned, non heirarchecal cooperative, yet didnt need to own a single acre of land or even a plant?


                                                                          Why nut...?

"They tell me there are big acorns in your village; send me a couple of dozen or so, and I shall value them greatly as coming from your hand; and if there be anything you stand in need of, it is but to open your mouth, and that shall be the measure; and so God keep you."


         - Miguel de Cervantes. Don Quixote

Circus Quercus

on the road to a town near you


Coming soon

Kids are encouraged to come to all of our events!

June 8th Asheville, NC 3:00-3:50 (free)


Acornucopia will be presenting on how you'd have to be nuts to be Vegan!

May 4th and 5th

Mother Earth News Fair Asheville

Tabling and speaking at the fair about Black Walnuts as the "new Peanut"

April 25th

Asheville's Owl Bakery 6:45- 9:00

Four course mast to mouth dinner featuring the Black Walnut at each course. Guest chefs from around Asheville will be contributing, wine pairings, as well as Piedmont storyteller Beverly McBreyer

April 12th and 13th

Organic Growers School, Asheville

Nut Futures are chugging right along, come find out how to get on the nut train

April 9th @ 6:45 (SOLD OUT)

Sow True Seeds, Asheville

Four course tasting of  native nuts


 Long Gone

Kids are encouraged to come to all of our events!


October 6th Asheville, NC 2:00-6:00 (free)

Asheville Nature Festival

Acornucopia will be tabling at this event with product for sale. Sounds like fun!

September 29th - Sedalia, Va

Mountain Run Jam

Acornucopia presents Circus Quercus's traveling carnival of nuts will be vending, sampling nut products, and giving a workshop - "Free fall down the rabbit hole of native nuts"


September 27th - Waynesville, NC (free)

Master Gardener talk

The Nutty Buddies  are discovering hidden values in nuts like high value nut oils, alternative flours, nut milk products and meat substitutes. These are exploding industries bringing high financial reward, and they can all be sourced from trees that grow all around us. Find out how we as a community can come together and help revitalize rural communities through innovation and bring nutritious food to people's tables, get good exercise, and build community. (Please contact the Haywood County extension agency for availability.)

September 19th - Asheville, NC

Forager training at Smith Mill Works 

10-20.00 sliding scale (and receive a 10.00 voucher for nut products)

A one hour workshop where you will learn tree ID, the different nuts and their value, simple tools and efficient harvesting techniques, how to get them to the nut depot. After the class there will be short tour of the nut processing facility

September 16th - Asheville, NC

Forager training at For Villagers 

10-20.00 sliding scale (and receive a 10.00 voucher for nut products)

A one hour workshop where you will learn tree ID, the different nuts and their value, simple tools and efficient harvesting techniques, how to get them to the nut depot. Weather and nuts providing we will go on an actual nut foray and you can gather nuts and sell them to us on the spot meaning you could actually make money coming to this class! 


September 14-16th- Blacksburg, Va - $50.00

Quaker Oaks Nut tent revival and campout

This will be a gathering of folks interested in nut foraging and setting up nut aggregate depots in their communities as a part of the greater Acornucopia Project. Educational training, open space brainstorming, good food and fellowship.

September 16th Blacksburg, Va 1;00-2:30 (free)

Nut Foraging workshop

In concurrence with the Blacksburg sustainability week, and at the conclusion of the Quaker Oaks tree conference will be an open foraging workshop where we learn how to most efficiently forage for native nuts, their value and potential for economic revitalization of rural economies. Please dress appropriately for outdoors. Location on the VT campus TBD.

August 26th-Asheville,NC

The Gift of Nuts presentation

Visioning of a world gone completely nuts. We will be sharing nut products, tips on efficient nut foraging, and how to utilize your special gifts to create positive solutions



June 10th- Asheville, NC 

Asheville Vegan festival

The Four major commodities 1.) oil 2.) grain 3.) Dairy 4.) meat all can come from native trees with no chemicals, tillage, or animals

May 5- Asheville, NC

Asheville Bread Fest

Featuring "butter" and "bread" from trees and "No Till bread"

April 29- Leicester, NC

 Nutty Buddy Collective May Day Picnic and open orchard tour. Come visit our beautiful orchards in their 5th year, meet friends, and learn about our vision.


March 17 & 18- Harrisonburg, Va

Fruit and Nut school-

The Vine and Fig presents:

Two full days of horticultural training centered around low maintenance fruit and nut orchards. Orchard layout, pruning, grafting and cloning around

March 16th- Harrisonburg, Va 

Edith J. Carrier Arboretum- half day workshop training

 "Do you know yer nuts?"

Familiarizing with native nuts, foraging, processing into the four major commodities, their uses, and economic potential.


Evening program- "Waste nut Want Nut"

Sharing the vision of a Nutopia

March 15th- Afton, Va

Farfields Farm- Nut Revival

"Noah's Oak"

Noah's Ark reinterpreted

March 10 &11- Asheville, NC

Organic Grower's School. Presenting on Native nuts and vendor booth.



Sept 17th: Union, WV- Talking Hill Farm (Free event)- "Acorn and apple social and Harvest party"

Sept 20th: Talcot, WV- Sprouting Farms (Free event)- "Community potluck and talk by Bill Whipple" on the Acornucopia Project

Sept 29th: Asheville, NC- Villagers – (Free event)- “Acornucopia Tasting Party” - get a taste of the fruits of our native nuts and learn about the Acornucopia Project

Sept 30th: Catawba, VA- Catawba Sustainability Center- (Donations appreciated)- "A culture gone nuts" - Acorn training, potluck, and party

Oct 1st: Harrisonburg, VA- Vine and Fig Community Center-"Mast to Mouth" A day long workshop on all aspects of native nut access. ($60.00 or equivalent in nuts)

11/30 – Asheville, NC; 7:00-8:30 First Congregational church…/the-gift-of-nuts-nut-reviva…/

12/4 - Johnson City, TN; 7:00-8:30 St John’s Episcopal Church

12/5 – Abingdon, Va; 7:00-8:30

12/12 – Lexington, Va; 
Oil tasting at the Old Lex Mercantile 4:-5:00

12/12 - Lexington Nut Revival from 7:00-8:30

12/13 – Blacksburg nut revival from 7:00-8:30 at the Oddfellows Lodge on Wilson Avenue, Blacksburg-- park in downtown lot across progress st. from the venue (behind the cellar)

12/14 – Roanoke nut revival; 5:30-7:00

12/15 – Lewisburg, WV; 3:30-5:00 
Oil tasting at Swift Level Fine Meats 3:30-5:00

Private Revival 7;00-8:30 Lewisburg. Invitation only

12/16 – Blacksburg, Va Holiday Market

Circus Quercus- Soon we want to put wheels under our processing equipment to  take to communities that have gathered enough nuts. We hope to make it a carnival like atmosphere with educational outreach, promotional foods, games and entertainment. It will be a way to promote the project and build market demand. This is an opportunity for communities to transition into having their own nut processing equipment.. We will be creating authentic culture again.