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For Free Agent Foragers

We want you to go nuts!

We are at an all time low in job tenure. People do a lot of different things to make a livelihood. A new flex economic model is rising that is appealing to the free agent, or as we like to refer to as an "Unemployee". (If there is more than one then they are refered to as  "Unemploy-ease" as many hands make for fun and light work). This could be the unemployment opportunity you have been waiting for. Unemployee benefits include: the best health insurance in the work place- working on your own schedule, low stress, good food, job site with high ceilings and plenty of fresh air...











Hi, You are the life blood of the Acornucopia Project. Who knows, some day you may be part of the largest retailer of nuts in the world and we wont own a single tree or have an employee? Acorns and other native nuts when harvested intelligently, make food products that are far superior in flavor and nutrition than anything you can buy at the store.

"Instead of there not being jobs there will be nut jobs"


2019 prices and forager info listed on the Asheville Nuttery page

"I am partial to the peculiar and wholesome sweetness of a nut, and I think that it is profitable sport every autumn in gathering them" 
               - Henry David Thoreau "Wild Fruits"
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