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Quaker Oaks Tree Crops Revival 

...of tree croppers, foragers, orchardists, tinkers, value added entrepreneurs,

processors, silvaculturists, tree propagators, 

plant breeders, Ents, foresters, and anyone else who believes that food producing trees just might be useful.

When: September 14th,15th, & 16th, 2018

Where: Four Pines Hostel and Catawba Community Center


Registration: Includes accommodations at a Hostel, Saturday dinner, open space organized program, foraging field trips on Sunday. 30.00 if registered by September 1st (Early bird has come and gone but you can still come for 30.00 on the "party rate" Groups of  three"nuts" (people) will get in for 90.00. Otherwise come as your are for 50.00. To get a place at the Saturday Mast to Mouth Dinner you MUST register by September 9th. 


Tickets  and details are conveniently available at:


If you want to save yourself online purchase service fees please send check to: (dont forget to include your email, phone and what it is you are interested in learning or sharing at this gathering) 

Bill Whipple

c/o Acornucopia

Box 1048 Reynolds Rd

Union, WV, 24983

Early Bird discount (if registered by September 1st):

Weekend - 30.00

Late bird  (if registered after September 1st):

Weekend - 50.00 *

At the gate:

Weekend - 50.00 does not guarantee Saturday Nut banquet Menu is posted on ticket site.


The reason there is a significant fee increase after the early bird is that it is infinitely easier to organize an event when we know well ahead of time how many people to expect. Also, there is less financial risk taken by those that are offering this event. This is  especially true for a new event where there is no precedent. Thank you for your consideration with this.


We want this event to accessible to anyone who is passionate about tree crops, and work trades will be available on a first come first serve basis. Please contact us to find out how your talents could be utilized.

The Vision-   (More on Quakers and oaks on the blog page)

This convention bucks convention because it recognizes that full potential is realized only when everyone at the table participates. The process of self organizing, and building community is as important as the subject matter. Relationship is what makes us human. It is the trees themselves who thrive in healthy, diverse ecosystems who are worth emulating. Mutually beneficial relationships and cooperative village consciousness honors that every one is equally important, has something valuable to offer, a voice, and deserves a place at the table.


The new iteration of the Quaker Oaks Conference is a focus on the Nuts and Bolts of setting up a community nut depot from mast to mouth. As a frame work the affinity circles will include:

1.) Learning which are the high value native nuts crops and identifying the trees they come from

2,) Scouting for these trees and what to look for when harvesting

3.) Techniques in gathering nuts, curing and getting to a hub/ processor

4.) Setting up a nut hub where nuts can be safely held

If time allows:

1.) Cooking with nuts/ what can be made from nuts

2.) Building markets for products

3.) Sampling oils , flours, nut cheeses, etc

4.) Scaling up processing with efficient tools


"Weather or nut" it rains the Quaker Oaks Tree crops Revival is to be held at Catawba Community center in Catawba, Va. We also have access to Four Pines Hostel for a place to sleep in Catawba as well. It is first come first serve and there is plenty of room in their building, but you will want to bring a sleeping pad and gear. Also the food is potluck so bring things to contribute to meals you plan on attending. 

Friday PM- 

6:00 - We will gather at Four Pines Hostel and have a meet and greet potluck dinner. This is where will be staying at night.

Saturday AM- 

8:00- Community Oats breakfast potluck. 

9:00- We will all participate in a casual open space format

10:00- Affinity circles continue through the day with a lunch break

6:00-ish - Dinner- after a day of nutty workshops and affinity circles, If you have made reservations we will gather for a catered dinner from Tabla Rosa on Glade. Otherwise other participants can pool their food together for a potluck meal. 



Sunday AM-

9:00- we will have another potluck breakfast hopefully featuring pancakes and if interest dictates more affinity circles

1:00-2:30 Blacksburg Sustainabilty week host a nut foraging workshop free to teh public (exact location TBA). Come participate in a 1.5 hour foraging workshop in conjunction with the Blacksburg sustainabilty Week Festival where we teach the the folks of Blacksburg how to become nut foragers and why.

We hope you will leave the conference confident with a clear vision of what the next step is for you to create a world of perennial food crops for yourself, your communty, and ultimately the entire human race.

*"Open Space is the only process that focuses on expanding time and space for the force of self-organization to do its thing. Although one can't predict specific outcomes, it's always highly productive for whatever issue people want to attend to. Some of the inspiring side effects that are regularly noted are laughter, hard work which feels like play, surprising results and fascinating new questions."

— Michael M Pannwitz, Open Space practitioner


The Tree Crops Revival be held at Boley Fields park just outside of Blacksburg, Va. 


The Food- Tabula Rasa

Saturday dinner will be an opportunity to really showcase what we can do with perennial foods.  The chefs at Tabula Rasa will be in-tree-guing us with an innovative meal derived from trees. We will be potlucking food for Friday night, Saturday breakfast and lunch, and Sunday breakfast. 


A group campground is already reserved for our meeting, and included in registration fee. You are on your own for any other situation. Blacksburg is about 10-15 minutes away, but we encourage you to camp with us as you are able. 


Schedule                        Friday, Sept 14th

We have a place to stay at Four Pines Hostel in Catawba. It is a hostel for AT hikers so bring a sleeping pad and gear for camping under roof. It is a first come first serve, by donation hostel. We will gather around 6:00 for a potluck meal at the hostel. 

(Though the rain has probably cancelled it Please note that Saturday 12:00 is home game time for the Virginia Tech Football team so it is highly recommended that you avoid driving around Blacksburg later Saturday morning and later afternoon.)

Saturday, Sept 15th

8:00- The morning starts off with a "community oats" breakfast where we all contribute to a large pot of oatmeal.


9:00-10:00 we will hold open space and organize what it is that we want to accomplish during the weekend.


10:00- 6:00- Affinity circles with lunch break.

6:00- Dinner- "Completely Nuts" mast to mouth banquet

After dinner- hanging out. Bring an instrument, parable, or show and tell item

Sunday, Sept 16th 

8:00-  community breakfast


9:00- 12:00 - Affinity circles, panel discussions or what ever we want

12:00 - Lunch


1:00-2:30 - foraging workshop in conjunction with Blacksburg Sustainability week. Weather permitting we will go foraging in Blacksburg and be buying nuts from you.

Sunday and beyond Field trips

Weather permitted we will  continue to take advantage of the nuts that have fallen because of the hurricane. Contact us if you are interested in spending a few days or the next week foraging with us.

Field trip offerings-

If you know of a place with a lot of nuts down please contact us.

Other related articles-

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Suggested reading:

J. Russell Smith's Tree Crops complete text

Vending and displays
The vending area of any gathering is another way to connect by sharing information, stories, and for people to financially support each other. We welcome vendors of tree crop related products, information, and displays to share their wares. There is no fee and you will need to provide your own cover if the weather is inclimate. Let us know if you want to show off something and we can make a centralized area for that.
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