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Stark Raving Nuts

Earthly Beings- come celebrate Earth Day at Earthhaven and let's unearth ways of transforming this Earth with an Earth quaking workshop!

Three years ago I planted seeds in my nursery from the most productive cultivar of Hican (pecan x hickory hybrid) This series of seedlings offer up the best genetics available. The vigor of these trees astounds me (look at my hair). I dug these up two days ago and replanted them in an orchard setting.

Saturday April 22nd from 2:00 (to sometime after) 5:00

Earthhaven Village Black mountain, NC

This is a workshop/ fundraiser freely given to raise awareness and evoke generous support for the Acornucopia Project's mission to reconfigure the way we humans do business on this planet.

I invite you to come out for an afternoon of exploring all the potential that radical horticulture hybridized with social activism can offer.

Disclaimer- if you think change is coming from the top down, then this workshop is definitely not for you. (Then again, maybe it is?)

A practical introduction to the radical concept of a forest based economy aligned with the new social technologies could crack wide open up the potential of how nature can be harnessed in ways we never dreamed of. Acorns, hickories, walnuts, and chestnuts rain down on us year after year with no effort from us and we curse their "mess" and rake them over the hill. "Pearls before swine!" Heck, swine appreciate these golden nuggets of nutrition and flavor way more then we do. Meanwhile, we are developing new social technologies that are connecting us and enabling us to coordinate collectively on a mass scale. I have some potent solutions and practical steps that combine the best of both worlds. As a community we can harness the potential wealth and health for all the people. After all, every moment, the choices we make to live, create the world in which we will live in.

All hands on deck!

This is not just for horticultural geeks.

Every single one of you has a role to play

with special talents that will be needed.

In the alternative world we have heard a lot about forest agriculture, but practical application has eluded us. I have a vision of an industrial scale of Permaculture that utilizes deep rooted perennials as staple foods that will make a corn and soybean commodity based agriculture seem like a distant, bad hangover. Using my 30 years of experimentation with chemical free orcharding in the field and experimentation in the woods, I draw from simple horticultural skills, 105 years of accumulated mentorship and genetic selection, experimentation, observation, and implementation. I know we can turn things around on the edge of a pocket knife. I'm talking David and Goliath here. If we combine social technology, sound science, and paradigm rocking creativity, then empassioned and courageous hearts undaunted by fear of change and resistance to it, poise themselves for creating a major shift in how we get our human needs met while regenerating the habitat from which those needs are derived.

E.g. The Amur Honeysuckle is a Chinese introduction and in a matter of 10 years has enveloped the wild edges of my farm and much of the East coast. Confronting them is not the martial arts way. What if we redirect their potential to our benefit? Here I experiment with different grafting techniques of Honey Berries which are a cultivated species relative.

This is a successful 2 year old honeyberry graft on an Amur honeysuckle on my farm. It bore fruit during its second year, Quite likely its seeds were cross pollinated with the Amur and I have the seedling crosses planted in my nursery. We can do the same thing with oaks, hickories, black walnuts to make high quality oil, flour, and nut meats to feed people on a mass scale.

“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” -A. Einstein

Translation- If an idea is absurd there is better hope for it then one that is not absurd

For More information on this event or to register:

Go to: or call 828 669-0114.

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