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I knew at the beginning of the year something was going to shift and boy, was I ever right. And what a year it was on the farm. For those of you who have followed the story it was quite challenging but from the ashes we rise, and wow am I excited to share the fruits of this new phase of my agriculture life and all the promise it holds. Come be the first person on your block to get a bottle of hickory oil from nuts we harvested in our region and press in our facility here in Asheville.

To see nuts at the farmers market is almost unheard of, yet alone nut oils... local native nut oils at that. These oils are the tip of the iceberg of what could be a tipping point in how we as humans get our food and whether it will at a cost, or benefit to the future of life on the planet. It is the Acornucopia Project's goal to begin to transition from annual commodity agriculture to a tree based commodity agriculture.

Q: But how will we feed the growing population of the planet, except with industrial agriculture?

Here is a not-so-fun fact about the 90 million acres of corn that is planted in the US (size of California) every year backed by massive government subsidies. I wish I had the statistic of how many atomic bombs it would take to remove all the life from that much square area like farming corn and soy)

From The Scientific America Journal- 40% of the corn goes to ethanol production which we all know uses enormous amounts of fossil fuels just to produce and ruins millions of dollars of gas engines every year. 36% goes to animal feed , mostly confinement feed operations, (Say no more). Most of the rest goes for high fructose corn syrup

This really blew me away- In our region, the average farmer pays 550.00/ acre to plant an acre of corn. On a good year he will make 600.00. So 50.00 / acre profit (for the farmer). If its a bad year the Big Ag companies still get paid through our tax dollars going to "Crop Insurance.) I let you analyze the value and necessity of growing corn to feed the world.

BTW- Farmers are the only business people who buy retail and sell wholesale.

We shape the world by where we put our attention and our resources. My job isnt to make anyone eat poison free fruit or consume high integrity environmentally regenerating commodity foods like hickory oil and acorn flour. My job is to humbly give them the choice.

Thank you all for your support this year,

Acornucopia Project

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